Citi® CashBack® MasterCard® now offers cashback rewards on purchases as high as 5% with no annual fee. But there are several things to keep in mind to get maximum rewards in cash-back categories.

First off, Citi® CashBack® MasterCard® is still a cash-back credit card. It does not offer points, miles or a fee for spending, and there is no unlimited miles, but simply the most current cashback bonus offered. Currently, Citi® CashBack® MasterCard® offers 2% back on everyday purchases and 1% back on all purchases (versus Best Buy® 5% Rewards and Best Buy® 5% Rewards with $100 spending).

Citi® CashBack® MasterCard® has a monthly recurring $59 fee, and there is no limit to the number of linked Citi® Preferred Rewards account balances. They don’t charge a foreign transaction fee, nor do they require a minimum purchase to get a cashback bonus.

As far as an overview of what qualifies for cashback rewards, it’s simple: purchases made on the United States. Citi® CashBack® MasterCard® still requires no personal purchase limit. You can earn cashback points on any of your eligible purchases made on Citi® CashBack® MasterCard®.

How to start earning cashback

Click here to start earning cashback on qualifying purchases right now.

According to the Citi® CashBack® MasterCard® website, the best time to use the cashback redemption rewards is “While shopping, when your rewards points are stacking up and when you’re shopping in the most favorable cashback rewards categories.”

The categories are currently grocery stores (which currently include The Whole Foods®, Stop & Shop®, Walmart® and Sam’s Club® stores), Target®, movies, audio and books, hotels, gas stations and restaurants. However, there are no restrictions on which sites you can redeem at.

Depending on how many Citi® Preferred Rewards account holders have linked to the account, you might earn additional cashback rewards just for opening an account.

Who qualifies for Citi® CashBack® MasterCard®?

In order to qualify for Citi® CashBack® MasterCard® cashback rewards, you must be a U.S. resident and have a signature card. This card offers no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees.

Although I don’t necessarily recommend a cashback card, in this case I actually find it to be a relatively good credit card. I like that it gives me the opportunity to earn cashback rewards on purchases, and I would not qualify for a reward on anything other than groceries (at The Whole Foods). Additionally, I will likely see myself paying off my credit card balance every month. While this card does have an annual fee, I would not consider that as a reason to not take advantage of the cashback rewards.

There is no minimum purchase requirement. All you need to know is what kinds of qualifying purchases you are going to be making. Even though cashback bonus Citi® CashBack® MasterCard® offers 5% cashback rewards, you can still earn 2% cashback rewards on all transactions. It’s worth noting that the $59 annual fee applies for purchases made on travel.

Depending on how you spend, you might earn higher cashback rewards than 5%. When I am making purchases for everyday purchases, I normally earn around 2% cashback rewards. With the Annual Fee, my cashback rewards would likely amount to roughly $12 a year.

Because it is a cashback credit card, there is no limit on how many rewards you can redeem. You will get different annual rewards percentages if you redeem all or some of your rewards in different categories. While your cashback rewards are not limited, your earnings generally decline as your rewards account size increases.

Regardless of how you spend, Citi® CashBack® MasterCard® is a good cashback credit card. If you are looking for a card with strong rewards, allow me to recommend the Best Buy® 5% Rewards card (which gives you 5% cashback when you spend $100 or more per month on purchases). But if you are looking for a credit card with a robust cashback rewards, check out Citi® CashBack® MasterCard®.


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