Have you ever thought of trapping small game?

If you've never done it, you'd be amazed how well you can catch rabbits, deer, woodchucks, etc. using just a small trap.

But what happens if you don't catch the minimum that you need to do to keep your flag on the map?

If you leave that flag up for a week or two, and your post just lies around, chances are you won't be the only one on the internet who will find your obscure campsite. And you could be fined big time!

Fortunately for me, I've been living in the woods this past three years. After living in the wilderness a while I found my time as a hermit both relaxing and rewarding. Here are 11 ways I explored this resource while keeping my privacy locked in.

1. Protect My Privacy

I had to establish a secure door to the lock out of fear of my local citizens finding this area. I mean, how exciting would it be to see, spy, and stalk a small forest of hermits?

2. Translate Your To-Do List

I once needed to dig a stick out of the ground that I dug myself to get a bug and turn it into a small sand trap. This was really not the most enjoyable endeavor I've ever undertaken.

3. Free Birds

My last pet was a small, gray chipmunk named Lady. She wandered over to my house when I was working and returned and broke into my homes as soon as I left for the night. It was a very exciting moment but I had to kill her.

Not so fast, my neighbor said his bird would get rid of Lady. As soon as he made his offer I responded, "Maybe you should stick that one in the hen." Thanks, neighbor.

4. Find Old Fleas

I found old, but not dead, fleas after spending a night in the woods looking for my lost nanny, Black Widow.

5. See A Forest Shine

Last year I woke up when I saw birds flying around above me. It was New Year's Day. I knew they must be having some exciting birthdays.

7. Make Hot Candles

Every year my dad makes me hot, homemade candles. He was a professional carpenter so I couldn't ask for a better hand. The carpenter's genius lights a fire that starts me up each time.

It was his ability to keep the flame from ever getting too close to my face that was the exciting part. It gets really hot. That's when I knew it was a miracle.

8. Find Painted Glasses

I have found many pieces of antique glass and beer bottle glasses on the forest floor. It took me all day to find them, but it was fun the reward at the end.

9. Despise Pests

One year after I went deer hunting on the last day of the hunting season I smelled rotting kill ground possums in my hammock. I immediately ran into the woods and caught the little creatures with my crow furrow. I ate them alive!

10. Have Strong Badges

I like to use the fancy arrowman's kit that my brothers got me when I was a kid. It's good for old game or simply warm for nature walks.

11. Pimply Paws

I was carving a small raccoon skin out of a log when a farmer came around me and questioned me.

"Do you have any antlers on you?" He later told me that they use toothpicks to encourage deer to tread on tracks. I learned that all the old hunters were used to stopping their game for a few days after meat became stale.

Even if you're not interested in cat-a-tov, I highly recommend having a fire burning somewhere to warm yourself from time to time. Snowy areas of your property may help to cool you off and warm you up. If it doesn't work for you I recommend bringing a room fan. The warm air will warm you up and the outside air will dry off in a short amount of time.

And I hope you enjoy the photos because I took all these photos. I do this everyday and it keeps me fresh in my mind.

If you are in a place like me, there are a few things you can do to get some instant relief and warmth. However, they may not always work. So be careful and take your time getting the warmest, freshest feeling you can.


I encourage you to continue gathering from my collection of other pics of me living in the woods.

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