Actors may have been incorrect, but 12 out of 12 Buddhist Monks said they'd give it a shot if they were on the jury in a new quiz that explains the meaning of "ALF."

ClickHole shared the quiz from Maltus, a trivia quiz site, asking "Buddhist Monks or Cat? Answer on the next question." Maltus post-modernized the question to "BABIDEN VERSUS PRESIDENT TRUMP."

While many believed that the answer was "Neither," that didn't account for all the interesting questions that came up. Some didn't think the wrong answer could be worse than "u," others thought "where are they?" was the one that made them go full creative bipolar. In fact, some said that it was a "Karma Venerable" and believe that angels are all around, talking and trying to tell us secrets.

ClickHole shared the quiz below, and there are a few extra questions that we would really like to know the answers to. Are Malia Obama and Sasha Obama part of the Illuminati? What is the BSDL, and where can you get your answers? (When we got asked to please visit the site in the future, we asked the person to give us both).