Wizard Standard

Start with 30-second wizard tutorials to learn the basics of how to use the program, and move on to more advanced themes that are specially designed to take full advantage of your choice of fonts, colors, and themes. Don’t waste your money.

1. The Graphic Theme

Now you can select, shift, balance, and highlight typefaces in the Graphics Theme.

2. the Premature Draft

For web design that requires the latest in fast, swipeable photos and backgrounds, check out the Premature Draft theme for page layout inspiration.

3. Classic Bold

For classic typography, choose the Classic Bold theme from the CMS Theme.

4. The Simple Theme

For simple web design and layouts, check out the Simple Theme for clean, clean typography.


5. Jazz

Subtract standard fonts and handle styles blocks in Jazz.

6. Colorblock

Keep it simple in Colorblock with color blocks.

7. Style Block

Layer out you design in Style Block themes that will amp up the sophistication of your site design.

8. Sharp Contrast

This style makes your images as black-and-white as possible to emphasize their contrast to the rest of the design.

9. Simple Business

Keep your design simple and text for your company’s logo simple in Simple Business themes.

10. Pop Style

Streamline and modernize your business in Pop Style themes that highlight your company’s imagery.

11. Bitmap

Clean up your site with Bitmap themes that not only keep things simple but give you great graphics as well.

12. Like Type

Select and use a font that will always make your website look the best.

13. Straight

Start with straight style themes to keep your site sleek and easy to use in WordPress templates.