Lipstick and Lifting is just beautiful.

It's heart-melting enough to leave you with tears in your eyes. From amazing face contouring to plump, plump lips, this brand-new colour ($34) is the definition of .

To truly appreciate how good it feels, it'd be great to try it at home in the comfort of your own bedroom. Like the product, the experience isn't everyday — and it really won't be, no matter what anyone's beauty influencer tells you.

So we did this for you. From lip syncing to an ace beat to finally transforming the thing that us normal humans can't live without into a beauty critic, we basically did everything for you.

How does the Colour Temperature change?

You can probably imagine that, especially considering the rearing opacity of this line of lipstick, which won the water test. To find out more, just please scroll down for just a few minutes and you'll understand.

LED that is 21dB Visual Noise Reduction (yeah, like I'm saying that?)

"It's a very high-frequency colour, it's difficult to see it in real life, but it's very visible in the dark," sales rep Amanda tells TV FoodNetwork.

Flawless lighting

What on earth is this? We asked, and she told us it has 939 hours of staying power and goes from light to dark in one second.

Picture this: the amazing shade is meant to be used during the night, under camera lights, or as a lipstick for any red carpet.

"You can apply lipstick under lights, in movie theatres, on film sets," she says. "We really use it to enhance the natural lips — like a tan lip like Scarlett Johansson."

Look at how the shade stays on. And the light is amazing — some people have been known to put it under their eyes. We wonder what that would look like?

In the words of Mariah Carey, are they "DREAMS, dreams, dreams?"

Lip Syncing: Okay, so this is an amazing option to take from location to location for going out, on an actual date, or even just kissing — everything in between. "I love people feeling like they're doing a perfect impression of the singer," Amanda tells us.

It even works in reverse: if you're lip syncing to a low-key jukebox or a slow beat, it can be used in place of red lipstick or gloss.

"We [Mini Highlighters] have already had them on the beach and the Bahamas," the super model and beauty advisor says.

We've all watched all the movie trailer and TV commercials and have adored this shade a little bit — but does it really work? It really does.

Possibly the darkest blue out there, can you see through it?

"The blue is so high-contrast," Amanda says. "A deep blue in our color system is a royal blue, and this is quite royal blue."

After a minute of trying it on the Make Up For Ever Collection Liquid lip balm, we can see the difference. Just about everyone can correctly fill in their lips; it's just a matter of dotting the shade underneath the corners of your mouth, then applying it like you would any other.

Lovely eyeliner

Sometimes the ultimate celebrity look is a bit more subtle, and this matte eyeliner ($26) gives you that.

Adding it to your eyes, smokey eyes, cat eye, french manicure, or just keeping it all on your lip, this formula goes from matte to glossy — and comes in gold, which isn't a shade we saw on any social media account.

Watch video

We all love dual-end lipglosses; one ends right on the lip, the other ends just under the chinchilla. We tried mixing the cream for a dark orchid-esque, matte color. It actually goes on really smooth, but doesn't feel like it — in that buttery buttery that lids sooooo gooey after a smudge.

We also tried to combine the sleek metallic shade with a deep berry — both are totally good, but the metallic definitely belongs on its own. Either way, it's an artistic statement that looks straight-up slayable.

Who Is the Perfect Match for This Lips?

Rejoice. You too can own customized sets like This Thing Is Overweight for Every Part of Your Body ($9). Customize the contouring to look like you just woke up from your slumber, and build your body in any shape or size you would like.