For years, the name “ALF” had meaning. For over a decade, it gave a dead, out-of-place guy an identity to be obsessed with, and somewhere around 2000, it became an ongoing joke, and at the same time the central and defining reference point for a certain brand of single-mom comedy. And now, after 13 long years of meme making, ALF has been brought back to life once again. An actor dressed as ALF is handing out free t-shirts at the SAG Awards, sending internet users into a frenzy.

But now, one fine day, we sat down with the man who created ALF, Jim Henson, to see if we could get him to reveal what the alien was all about all these years. Naturally, we were told that he was taking a leave of absence, but that was all we needed to know. So what happened?

"Remember why we love that name? That's because it evokes something in people, and I'm hoping they feel the same way about ALF," Jim Henson told us. "We hope it's something that makes people smile. I feel like we might have gotten there before most. In this day and age, especially with the pop culture, and the all-access passes that have gone around with everything, and the 4K movie, and all the other things that have come out, there's a lot of even questionable stuff you can take away as entertainment, and so we put a little bit of ALF in that."