We were recently asked to provide a list of tips for better, more fun (and kinder!) self-care. An unusually large group of people answered. Dr. Miller suggested taking time for yourself. So how do you do that? It is sometimes difficult to establish habits in your busy life. Realistically, our ideas about self-care tend to revolve around interventions, whether they are forced (like doctors prescribing medicine) or done as a result of our own patterns (like social media). In the end, I propose that there are two types of self-care actions that we can engage in to create beneficial changes.

1. The invitation to personal effectiveness and intention: Make a habit of asking yourself specific questions, such as, “What are the behavioral habits that I need to change?” and “How can I create awareness and practice so that I may successfully implement my new habits?” “Can I see the steps ahead to better myself?” “What resources do I need to guide me along this path?”