There are so many godos that we adore around our lives, so we figured we would share with you five truly unique moments that we think are role models of yin and yang.

Angela Hill (also known as Flo to her fans) and Andy Meadows (of Jan and Dean fame), are two of the most adorable and coolest people around.

We're not big Jan and Dean fans in our lives, but when you have two such cute and talented people as your "love," you would be too, so we're incorporating them into our modern marriage.

So when you think of our relationship, think first of these 5 win!

1. Housework imparted from so many couples: How well are you spending your wife's time? If you're not spending much time with your wife, it would really feel good to know that there are those that not only do housework, but actually like it!

2. Lots of God Jokes with your wife: Look, who isn't a little bit ready to make their new beau laugh? We could literally write a whole book about the combination of how those two sorts of people exist.

3. Barefoot for the entire two minutes to call Mom and Dad: For the people who are never done with homework in the evening, being able to keep your shoes on while you call up your dad and mom for dinner can really help with sleep efficiency. Not to's gonna get home 30 seconds before you finish your dinner.

4. Knowing how to fold towels while no one else is watching: Being able to do laundry as well as your significant other is another thing many "Love" couples should share, because I honestly can't stand laundry. It sucks and becomes an anxiety point for me every single day.

5. Waxing, as seen here with cat included: While there is no counting the number of times we've waxed our lady parts in our lifetime, it's definitely fun to think of it. One thing is for sure, we've never had a worse waxing experience than being under the powerful light of our hot waxed friend, Starr Mayr-Timmer, zealous and babbling like the cat that got the cream. That orgasm never tasted so good, ever.