Gone are the days when life goals were a trite concept just thrown together by the good ol' go-getter in you.

As technology has advanced and as smartphones have taken over the market, people have more reason than ever to set and reach their personal goals. Whether you set big, pretty goals such as becoming a pro golfer or like my colleague Ian had the idea to set simple one-minded goals like writing this sentence.

Faster than you can say "Reddit", folks are consistently using technology to help them achieve their personal goals.

Whether you're an accomplished athlete, or want to book flights around the world in order to fulfill some dream, Gizmodo decided to take a look at how these new tools are helping us achieve our personal goals for a much quicker pace and easier go-through process.

We turn our lives into a game

What we have here is Gamification, a form of game play created by a computer programmer in the 1960s that consists of making something that is already enjoyable and engaging both visually and mentally and then trying to enhance the experience with a new element.

Gamification basically keeps you from turning into an emotional doofus trying to outrun the clock or gambling on your personal life.

Essentially, Gamification simply challenges you to work and experience things in a fun, but more stressful, way. It's all about challenging yourself to do things that don't necessarily seem like fun but are actually quite rewarding.

"People are usually told when they set a goal what it is," my colleague Pablo Scaperotti explained. "But [with Gamification] the goal is then up to you to create your own experience and make it more fun by changing how you work or experience things around you in order to achieve your personal goal."

Don't take ourselves too seriously

Because of this, it's important to not go too far and take life goals too seriously. The fact is, life is short and our lives should be full of fun, lighthearted experiences.