This is part 3 of 8 on the program:

Today we’re going to talk about getting busy, the leftovers diet, the one meal a day plan and how to stop to grab a snack. On the menu: loading up on greens, local eggs, fish, and healthy fats. These are the foods most people do not feel they can incorporate into their diet. But just because you can’t eat the dishes inside your closet doesn’t mean you’re going to miss them. Everyone needs balance and variety in their diet. As you move up the protein, fiber, and healthy fats ladder, try incorporating some of your favorites into your diet. You’ll be surprised how many new, healthy ideas you’ll come up with.

But keeping it all moving forward is hard and sometimes it feels overwhelming. By learning which foods to eat when you feel the stress rising, you can do more to control your stress levels and keep your body in balance. A final tip for getting a good night’s sleep is drinking enough water. By taking a 10-minute walk before bed or opting for a glass of wine before bed, it’s possible to ensure you’re getting enough liquid in your system.

You have the power to make the decisions that make you happy and healthier. As we move forward, the more healthy habits you choose to cultivate, the more you will love the people you love.

This is part 3 of 8 on the 5 Lessons I Learned