When you set a goal, whether it's to hit the gym for 30 minutes, or clean your house every week, you usually set some sort of timeline. You try to make your goals attainable, reasonable, or anything in between. But what if we could turn that process into a game?

Because quite often, hitting your goals feels almost antithetical to the everyday world, and sometimes, it can be easier to just keep repeating that same things over and over than to stretch things out to the point of making them more relatable.

A regular person, especially if you're always under deadline, will naturally be more aware of what they need to achieve from day to day. But when trying to reach a goal that seems difficult or unattainable, or when any sort of progress makes you feel frustrated or stressed, even the world's most avid team effort is bound to get stymied.

Still, there are ways to make your goal feel more attainable. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps that can help make things more interesting.

One such app that has been in use for a long time is the Workout Planner by Podsfit, which tracks your workouts through many of the popular fitness apps to help you come up with a more realistic and attainable target to work towards.

Podsfit has received a lot of media attention, and much of that is due to the way it emphasizes letting your goals sink in a bit first. Try not to look at your iPhone just yet, because it does a good job at stopping you from looking at your phone even when you really do want to check your workout progress, to prevent any and all distractions.

Once you've committed to your goal, Podsfit will make certain that you're in the proper section of the app, and will show you where you've already been, and what you can realistically achieve next. Using this, you can adjust your schedule to a best-case scenario, which in some cases might be more achievable than a firm timetable for perfection, and be able to aim to get you there, rather than hoping to have made your goal by the next day.

And if you're good at keeping track of your progress, and don't find that Podsfit is enough, there are countless other apps out there to help you meet your goals.

Rather than view your goals as a series of chores to do, TryAnything uses a simple system of a timer, to help you see what, exactly, you need to do in order to reach the goals you have set. If you're a planner in real life, tryAnything makes it easy to keep track of your progress, while also sending out your notifications whenever you achieve a set number of goals that you've set yourself. You can also set triggers for when certain things will occur, such as certain tasks, and when you will leave the office for the day, but for the most part, everything you do counts towards your goal, right down to remembering to switch on the phone at night.

Another great app for goal planning is Nail Map. Whereas most of the other apps on this list use a lot of tech, these two apps treat goal-setting as more of a physical activity, where you're getting to better remember what you need to do and who you need to work with to get them done.

Nail Map uses magnetic nailing pins that correspond to levels of color, and colors match up to actual tasks you have scheduled: pink nailing for putting on makeup, green nailing for doing your laundry, and so on. Once you have set the pin and put the nail in the right place, the app will text you a reminder when you're done, making sure you always remember to keep the pin in place.