Lapsed Amish Should Feel Free To Ease Themselves Into The Internet’s Vast Wealth Of Content With This List Of 5 Simple, Easy-To-Grasp GIFs

By Sarah Espanola for

Whether you're having trouble becoming a part of the modern world, or know someone who just recently joined the post-Amish era, here are five simple ways you can use beautiful, easy-to-grasp GIFs to connect with people outside your Amish community.

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Flash Photography If you're a person who just takes home-baked cookies and balloons and makes bold declarations in the middle of your front yard, you have to power GIFs to express yourself. The simpler the better. Related: Simple 12 Creative Ways To Take Absolutely, 100% Better Photos

Light Design Light panels are basically a blank canvas upon which to convey feeling, setting and expression. The creativity shines through the brightest in this simple way. Related: Funny, Simple Ways To Wake Up Your Family For A Morning Photo Session

Color The simple blue and white buttons, windows, bands and illustrations are your playground for self-expression. And they're extraordinarily playful. Related: Easy Ways To Use Color To Empower Your Wives And Girlfriends

Word The simplistic slow, rhythmic beats are your soundtrack for all those poetic, pensive moments. Your tempo is basically up to you. Related: 11 Simple Ways To Manipulate Your Words

Background Unorthodox, regional background music is all well and good, but here are a few things to consider: When you have a peaceful sit-down for your NYE big-screen dinner, your grandma's demo reel might not work. Related: The 10 Most Profound Decorating Ideas For A Sticky'Trendy'Room

Party Lenses Of course, you'll need custom contact lenses to get all the eye candy you crave on your screen — except for the toning, of course. Follow this guide to help you get your fun on. Related: How To Recreate Everyone's Favorite All-In-One Eye Shadow Portfolio

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