It seems our latest foe in Tiger Woods has been around forever. At a certain age, we were reminded that he was our favorite out of a bunch of guy who were just looking a little too nice for their own good, pretending to be hip. It always seemed like he was the one, while the rest of us were just dumb Americans! Now as he's at the top of the golf rankings again, it seems we have reached this point in our lives where we are re-learning all of the different ways he acts rotten on our TVs. Then there's also the old-fashioned (WTF?) snorting coffee (you'll just have to check this out on YouTube.)

1. This screenshot from the British PGA Challenge where he came in looking all mean and smelly and smoking out of a blunt. Then proceeded to go full on Animal House with us while we watched Food Network commercial after Food Network commercial. He was smelling/smelling/smelling, the rings on his fingers felt fine and was spraying chunks of minty orange syrup over the EYES of his family by the food. WHAT WAS GOING ON, THIS WAS A WARNING! But we'll go ahead and pull it out now, it's pretty funny but gross.

2. This screenshot from the PGA Championship in 2010. SUCKER!

3. And this snorting chai. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS.

4. And this from last year at the Australian Open, when he was sniffing all the spongy pieces of food from while his mother Kym so enjoyed it, the game was finally over, everyone left. And now he's even more spiteful by playing a little golf in the hotel bathtub. 'Aww! 'IS IT IN THERE?'

5. And last but not least, this snorting mug of lemonade.

Source: Emmanuelle Photography.