This highly public Facebook photo was the height of a marketing campaign in 2013. The resulting internet sensation was baffling, triggering arguments from people with different opinions. Five years later, there still isn't an answer as to what color this dress is.

Listed as an "Original Red Velvet" on the label of the dress, the picture is from the fashion designer of the dress, Annie Wu. She told PEOPLE that she believed the image, which showed a blue and black dress, to be her version of her own picture. An image that everyone could view in its raw state and decided for themselves. No hype machine, social media or crowdsourced question mark, just authentic, raw design.

Pictures have been uploaded showing a white and gold dress. You can see some here. And this absolutely kills me: — Trisha () February 26, 2015

But ultimately, it's all been a giant marketing hoax, and a lot of money was made in the process. I don't blame Wu though -- creating a viral Facebook hit is certainly not something she was expecting. And I'm not against the idea of a lighthearted marketing campaign -- I just wish it wasn't done with such convincing and then soon-to-be-debunked imagery as this.

When Wu posted a picture of the dress, which went viral and created a large fan community, many did not believe her...since it is the usual blue and black color. And others did NOT believe Wu...since they saw a stunning white and gold dress. In the year since the big moment, debates continue -- on The Dress, on whether the picture was a trick of the light and a hoax, and all the subtle undertones that come with this supposedly monochromatic dress. The photo has had a profound effect on culture, and has polarized people of many perspectives.

The social media conversation about the photo is totally different than the original. In 2013, most thought they saw a blue and black dress. But, five years later, they're still not sure about what they're seeing. We've all left our (literal) mark on the photo, literally. Some are commenting, "I would think it was white and gold", while others still debate it as a matter of fact. It's now one of the best-known images in history, and a lasting legend.

So yeah, the dress is amazing. But I would guess it's still yellow-gold if you catch my drift. It'll always be the dress that everyone is debating.

- Candace Borkowski