Queen Elizabeth II is known for her strict adherance to royal protocol, particularly when it comes to her physical appearance. But that didn't stop the Queen's staff from losing track of 50 sets of her dentures during a recent trip to Buckingham Palace, according to a new investigation.

As a result, the Queen, who has non-working dentures, now needs a new set of dentures.

The investigation, conducted by The Sun, found the loss of the 50-set stash of Queen Elizabeth's dental gear during a public outing in May 2018, at which time palace staff were not only disheartened by the incident, but also infuriated.

"All staff felt this was an attack on the royal family," a source close to the Palace told The Sun. "But more surprisingly, one staff member even said that the loss of these items was much worse than when Queen Victoria lost 25 teeth when visiting Africa."

During that trip, Queen Victoria also lost 25 sets of her dental gear.

The Daily Mail reports that one tooth had allegedly already fallen out from the royal chewing gum.

According to The Sun, investigators have now found and tested the missing dentures, and two of the dentures remained intact. According to The Sun, "one tooth had been ripped from its socket" and the "second tooth had been ripped out of place," but the Queen's grandchildren took all 50.

The Queen's aides are reportedly filing an official complaint against the two, and are demanding an explanation.