You got to enjoy your return to work on Wednesday. Now here’s the thing — you still have to get a bit done before the weekend. You’re working yourself into a frenzy trying to get your house ready for the family, but the end of the week looks to be a long day in the office. What can you do to take some time off work and relax when you have the time to do it?

Nothing fancy — a 15-minute, light lunch may be all it takes. Make it a destination meal where you can enjoy some well-deserved time on your own, but then check out some cool exhibits at the nearest museum, stop by your favorite museum to do a bit of window shopping, and enjoy some stunning art. Grab a slice and a coffee after a longer day of gallery-hopping, or just enjoy the scenery on a picnic and put down your phone.

Maybe you have a few other demands to deal with at home as well, and need a bit of a reset. You can also go antiquing and buy some things you’ll never use. That way you can pretend to be out there at the Renaissance Fair, looking at old porcelain, then sit back and enjoy the delicious pizza and sugary treats you’ve ordered off the vending machine.

If you’ve got a little over two hours, you can hang out with your friends on the couch. Hang over. Food, cocktails, cute couples, and late-night conversations about new pairs of sneakers. If you’re feeling more high-minded, there are plenty of museum tours available, and an opportunity to see some of the best parts of the city during a family outing. Or maybe you’ve been saving to find the right place to set up a day (we’ve all been there). You’ve got time. You’ve got the resources to do some of these things. All you need is the motivation to do them.