If you're a minimalist who isn't much of a gardener, you may be surprised to learn that it isn't uncommon to find one or two of those lowly weeds taking residence in your garage.

They're odd and fussy, but their presence wouldn't be a surprise to anyone who knew about iconic lore of nymphs and hyenas in backyards around the world.

Most are harmless and don't cause a great deal of trouble -- though they may wake you up in the middle of the night or scare your cat. But some startle you, especially if you're not familiar with fowl terminology.

If you're looking for a nesting ground for some of the most menacing creatures around, then you may be in luck. Scroll through our list of six of the creepiest animal houses in garages and get ready to investigate each of them on your own.

The mythological Hyena lives as a hunter who's always hunting. Her feathered friend may be endangered, but she's not. On the rare occasion Hyena moves away, it'll quietly slip into the shadows as a persistent nest site.

The pussycat thunders down my alley and destroys the mailman's mailman.

She may be fast but she's got all the manners. Cats or roaches, birds or reptiles, the best home may be a garage.

They'll cry when they get there, and then they do one of two things: They'll get in bed with you or they'll treat you just like human. One never liked you before.

Life's short, so why wait? Just drop some pigs in and you've got a meal for everyone.

You might think stinking pigs are quaint little animals, but they are seriously prevalent in garages. The natural materials in your garage leave certain areas to act as land for these foul specimens.

You might be able to avoid them, but I'm sure it'll look so ugly.

What if I give up life and choose my first prey? Then that is a massive problem.

This sleeping beast will sleep your house until you grow tired of its barbs or come to the conclusion that it's a demon from the demon realm.