What are some of the coolest things about going to the beach? A spot to open a can of Pepsi, a wall of Corona bottles and the chance to get your daughter a pair of red booties.

We are your new guide to New York’s trendiest seaside cafes. See the pictures, then get your fill of beer, carbs and carbohydrates, and maybe even water.

Casual Lunch

“Drinks and snacks are all we sell,” said Han Kwan, the co-owner of a cafe in Coney Island, where Corona beer cans usually sell for $4.70, and $3.60 in the capital. Kwan added that even though he is British, he loves the Caribbean, where he was born. “I have an island background, so I like a couple of Margaritas.”

Rising Tide

The Balaclava is the newest restaurant at the beach, “in the tough Finest location.”

Balaclava – Coney Island, Brooklyn A photo posted by on Feb 7, 2016 at 1:35pm PST

The restaurant is based around a glass-walled open room and booths on the beach, its poolside bar served by models. Its Corona is really good, too. It’s not “the best Corona on the island,” said owner Eric Cesario, but then “it’s not really competing with Belvedere, Dom Perignon, Moet or Perrier-Jouët, you know?”


This hangout advertises: “If I get Corona, I get Corona.” Maybe you can buy something at the bar — strawberries, chilli, tequila, Kahlua, just not Corona, please — but no Corona in the house.

5th Ave Deli– Brooklyn The sandwich shop on the boardwalk sells cheap toasted sausage and eggs, plus falafel, cream cheese, relish and hoisin sauce.

The L-train stop is not the most obvious place to buy a bottle of Corona.