The number one most romantic story in TV history, Luke and Laura, got married in season 5 of How I Met Your Mother, and we like to think we've really surpassed the pair in years of happy, gossip-free marriage.

Since then, we've lost several other major TV characters to the big wedding day, but we still have enough confidence in our ability to rewrite that script to say we'll never get to anything as epic as your wedding, except maybe the way all the seasons of Girls ended. Hopefully.

But something we think REALLY adorable about how Central Casting casts a nuptial ceremony is the way their romantic stories come together, in such an unexpected and twee way.

So to ring in the most romantic times in TV for both of you, we've rounded up some of the great moments both of you have given us and may provide a new blueprint of love for us to remember all over again.

6. If you haven't already heard, you and your husband will be on the big screen together in their first official marriage on with James Corden on New Year's Eve.

5. But for now, check out the ways your marriage has influenced our family so far. Please use this two tweets as our guide to the top five Luke and Laura moments, of which we think there's room for a sixth.

4. The good ol' Kenny Rogers quote when his new wife dropped by after the change in season 8: "I want to let you know I've found my new wife."

3. We think it's safe to say, even if you've only seen them once together, that you'll need to do some more kissing, acting, and pretending in order to continue in this marriage (I mean, literally the best this couple has ever done is marry each other).

2. There's nothing like the lack of surprises, when your mother stops being your mother and starts being your mother who has moved to your new home that she doesn't know much about and is gradually falling apart herself.

1. We like to think that you'll end up with more bangs than you could possibly imagine, especially if you're really into floral crowns and giant wigs. Not to mention, we like to think you'll leave the marriage almost as effortlessly as you entered it.

All that, plus the fact you didn't meet any of these TV characters while we were still dating our spouses.