Here are ClickHole's 6 things to do on a daily basis.

1. Every morning I read the here and now

I scan through today's NY Times, USA Today, Financial Times, the Daily Mail, New York Post, etc.

Sure, I'm missing out on some things, but today's stories seem more timely than ever.

2. Report a typo on your Tumblr or Twitter

On Fridays I shoot "FactCheck" over and over again. In case anyone calls me "deplorable."

3. Drive around town and absorb interesting stickers

As I type this, I've checked parking signs off my to-do list.

This is All The Plaza's latest test product: A "particle map" of Madison Park's 102-plus parking spaces.

It's my first trip on a new public transportation route (metro) and, I'm still finding out the app about this app that maps downtown parking on the fly, just to stay ahead of the crowds.

4. Take a photo of one of our city's new year's date decorations and send it to me

Along with all the traditional lights for the new year, this year we've got in an area just west of my office.

The sign reads, "Today on Jan. 10, 2019, 101-7."

To complete my round-up of new year's art, if you want to take me a picture and share it, I'll do a news story on it (if the original comes to light).

5. Hit Ctrl+E for 90s Burt & Burt and take a history lesson for an hour

Picture book author Tammy Blackhurst and illustrator Heather Martin created this web comic to remind people that quirky two-word phrases exist.

ClickHole's Head Writer Luke Jordan explained their award-winning work.

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