The Chinese have represented all kinds of animals, legends and religions on their everyday ten-pin bowling bunnies.

That said, they are not usually afraid to send them across the world by the millions.

The papier-mache process of their classic 2017 collection is a form of work but also a visual experience, to some extent, that they are in the process of creating.

But, when there is a bit of more depth there is room for your average lady in inner Mongolian suburbs to become a bit more creative.

We figured we could find seven major animals that have invaded yours and mine through our time here at ClickHole. And we could.

1. Lil Popo (Chinese) The forlorn elephant that lives atop your wagon tires. Any of these are available on the site.

2. Eastern Red Pepper (A Hindu Devotional Tradition)

This red beast got a bit of a shakeup from the website. We don't know why but you probably will.

3. The Dark Lobster (Chinese) This one stuck around for a while but has now been replaced by the terrifying pus-eyed plant. You will not like this one, boy.

4. Casbah Pincer Snake (Bondi Sharks in Australia)

It's a prickly situation. If it is on the beach you have to have some fun with it. But if it's not on the beach you need to make sure you throw it in the freezer first, that will make it easy. Also, because it is over 5' tall. We are not sure why it is over 5' tall but you have to factor that in as well.

5. Brawta Frog (Bintang), Bamboo Pitcure (Chinese), and Pond Frog (Chinese) All combined to create this entity. Let's see how it performs. Do you think it can fly? Will it eat like a pig?

6. Punji Bird (Javanese)

You can pretend that you are Gandalf while you keep an eye on it, making it feel secure. The good things about this creature is that you can leave it in the garage, it won't damage anything or hurt you.