In my next piece I’ll give you seven apps that can help you get closer to your goals. In this article I’ll tell you why apps like those really matter. When you download a free app and start tracking your progress, you might be waiting a while for those results to come back. So you should track your progress over the same period of time as your goals. Not only will you get useful insight, but tracking will motivate you to actually succeed.

I have five goals right now:

To find a second job that requires no commuting and more flexibility. To pay off my credit card debts

To save money so I can travel, starting on April 30, and to visit all 50 states (in more than two months). To work out enough to achieve a superhuman weight loss goal

To track my three favorite people (all guys) on Facebook

To create a detailed spreadsheet to keep track of all my business work, including deadlines and on-demand gigs

I use the apps below to accomplish these goals. Some are free, some are free with in-app purchases, and some cost $2 to $4 per month.


Evernote’s Recycler lets you save receipts, research papers, and a thousand other files for later offline access. It comes in handy when I need to remember which documents I need to reference when I am traveling for business.


Another tool for saving receipts or researching documents. This time-saver is especially useful when you need to remember which papers to reference during trip, meetings, and homework assignments.


During the course of my business, I’ve used this app on both my Apple Watch and in real time to keep track of the many miles I run per week. My favorite feature is the ability to easily, completely track my workouts.

Twitter notifications

This tool comes in handy for one of my key goals: Never missing any opportunities. Because Twitter also sets up notification systems based on your activity and favorite topics, your social media updates will always find their way to your timelines.