Ah, the glory of a lazy weekend. The stress-free no-show at the office, the entire Sunday lying in bed like a freshly laundered ball, the unsociable hours spent here and there at the dentist's office. And with all this good karma, we somehow manage to end up feeling even more dissatisfied with our lives than we did when we started.

We all know at this point that "everybody needs to get some" in order to meet their goals. Unfortunately, a lot of us get stuck in a rut, trying to hit all the short, unsatisfying-but-satisfying hurdles of accomplishing whatever goal we've set. While feeling like you're perpetually on the brink of failure could be exhausting for anyone, for those who are prone to depression, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, or excessive anxiety, all of this ultimately equates to some much needed mental health concerns.

To ensure that getting work done is a joy, not a chore, here are seven ways to turn your days at work into an exercise in self-actualization.