There are more than 35 million Americans planning to work part-time in 2020 according to the EPI. That’s more than ten percent of the workforce in 2020, or 2.6 million part-time workers each day. With less than half of these workers reporting that they are happy in their current job and without the ability to meet many of their financial goals, the concept of part-time work seems appealing. Here are seven ways in which your part-time job can help you and your family to save more money:

With fewer hours and a steady stream of work, your part-time job should be your primary source of income. Use it as an example of how to prioritize salary negotiations and negotiate your salary. Update your health insurance or pharmacy benefits. Your employer may offer to cover up to 15% of your expenses and cost-sharing should be negotiated based on your income. Try to buy health insurance that is more affordable, more flexible and has more coverage, such as your health plan you already have. Use the more flexible hours and to improve your health, increase the amount of work hours you can do per week. This way, you can use more of your pay check for saving, commuting and other necessities of life while working less. Not only does this flexibility allow you to save more on groceries, gas and healthcare, but you are also earning a competitive hourly wage. Be mindful of what time you work and what time you stop working. Some people feel compelled to continue working a full-time job even if they are only working part-time. Be aware of your schedule, but don’t forget to develop time plans to help you achieve your goals and plan activities that you could take on while you are working. Make your car or vehicle payments as you progress. The National Automobile Dealers Association says that eight of 10 auto loan delinquencies happen when borrowers stop making payments. As you are making your car payments, talk to your employers to determine how they would provide you with a car in addition to work transportation. Don’t put on weight. Many people miss out on good health because they think their weight is on the more manageable side. Get on track and keep tabs on what you are eating. Want to lose weight for a larger paycheck? You should lose the weight so you are more attractive and able to get a job, which leads to higher pay and more salary flexibility. If your earnings are so low that you can’t save, then working only part-time and paying for expenses directly from your part-time job can help to get you on track to save a larger share of your pay. Find ways to create one-on-one time. You can try, through your part-time job, to improve your personal health and management of your time. Find time to improve health and allow you to spend more time with family and close friends. Schedule time to improve your life. This time can be compressed between shifts. Make sure that you take advantage of your work-life balance. Avoid freelancing or going freelance if you need to save to save to save. Some people get busy and don’t seek out the opportunity to work part-time. Be realistic about your current income and ability to save. Ask your employer for more flexibility to work less hours. Talk to your other employees about what their employers have done for their personal health and how much they have saved. Talk to your part-time employers to see if you can get part-time hours and flexible hours. Many people will suggest finding other ways to increase their income by joining different organizations or opening a new business so that they can earn more money and start saving.

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