The ghost of Wi-Fi hot spots has haunted us since the first iterations of cell phones: How can we turn off the Wi-Fi dongle? How can we feel at ease when nobody cares about our data caps? Today, it’s OK to experiment with limits on cellphone usage. As long as you don’t mind talking for 30 minutes a day, turning your mobile off is easy. Even better, you can pay for bandwidth plans to ride with dedicated data packets. This means your service provider might not see the full brunt of your data usage — but you can no longer whine about it. Here’s how to properly tackle your phone bill.

Put it on hold

When you want to turn off phone service, make sure your cellular connection is off. If you’re connecting to Wi-Fi, it’s even easier. Just tap your handset or unlock the home screen. Hold the power button for a few seconds and slide your phone off of the dock. Now, make sure you have Wi-Fi access.

Customize Settings

In your home settings, you should be able to limit individual numbers. For instance, if you’re sick of sending 10 texts a day and want to limit that to two, look under Phone Features. The section under Segments will let you change phone numbers without having to reset your mobile phone.

Modify Service

Head to your provider’s website, and click the Settings option in the upper-right corner. You’ll then find a section that says “Unlimited.” You can then add your phone to a specific plan or restrict the data that will be available by device.

Go by Apps

Another option available is to “unsubscribe.” This will mean cutting off cellular data from specific apps, but the concern is how your mobile provider will react. Although it would be scary if the person who fixes your toilet, for instance, cut off your cellular data, it’s safe to keep your phone powered up for that service.

Unplug the Audio

Your phone’s audio isn’t safe when it’s switched off. A mishap with the phone’s Wi-Fi settings may have sent you into a panic, but the fact remains: You can talk — and listen — and send texts and emails no matter what you turn off.

Off mobile Wi-Fi

There are several ways to turn off your phone’s mobile Wi-Fi network, but the simplest is actually to flip the switch in the device’s settings. Open your smartphone’s Wi-Fi option by tapping the tiny arrow in the upper-right corner and moving to Settings. At the bottom, tap Connections, and you’ll see an option for Mobile Hotspot. Tap that. When the device sees your mobile hotspot ID, it will automatically set up Wi-Fi that works between your phone and any Wi-Fi networks you’ve connected to before.