If you’re going away in the next two months or so and the contents of your pocket won’t fit in the overhead locker, don’t panic – you’re not alone.

It turns out about two-thirds of air passengers with large bills before departure go through the pain of trying to return the cash on time. So what goes through your mind when you realise the airport has run out of cash?

Big enough sums would have to be returned to the cashless TSA system to arrive in the post in six days (Picture: Getty)

Here are a few moments you probably wouldn’t want to relive again:

1. That awkward moment when you discover that only one pair of eyes are scanning your money before the machine moves on, meaning you’ll need to use your spare wallet.

2. But two others will be watching you, turning in vain over the number on the ticket to the one bank you turned to… but then the machine’s not letting you in.

3. When you’re fumbling for your fivers in the changing room, as your fellow passengers watch you happily cast their eyes down the tube, squeezing past other fliers in the gap between their tops and trousers.

4. When your call to the cashier to return the money goes unheard as he crosses his arms around his ear.

5. When the money reaches the bank, and you start heading up the spiral staircase only to be stopped by staff coming from all directions, clearly unsure how to contain the saleswoman approaching you like you are a four-year-old trying to cash a £3,000 cheque.

6. When they finally manage to sort out your money, you’re so disappointed you think you’ll never again feel like you ‘have a currency’.

7. When you get to the top of the lift and make your first tentative step back down. You think: I don’t really do this kind of money again.

8. When the cashier is at a loose end in case someone wants their money back. You just stare out over the building, disillusioned by life.

9. At the top of the stairs, jumping over the till, and changing your mind over whether you’re going to have to take your shoes off again.

10. When you’re finally about to come down, only to have the air conditioned lift vibrate its way down, warm and loud, the only time it’s a good thing to be chilly while on holiday.