I can’t help it. On some level, there’s something off-putting about the non-existent monster living in my garage. Not every creature of folklore and myth has the same appeal.

Still, there are some creatures in your garage that are so strange and original that they can easily creep up on you, like a crocodile, a pod of piranhas, or a humpback whale.

Regardless of whether these are mythical creatures or fictional ones, there’s no doubt that they are grounded in fact. And whether it’s the wrong kind of myth, the harmless if confusing animal, or a wild one, some creatures will show up unannounced, breathing strange grunts while diving for birds.

That’s why we talked to YouTuber Blaine McBride to survey all 6 of our spooky, scary, and eccentric beasts.

For more on your favorite creatures of folklore and myth, watch the video above!

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