A report by ClickHole shows that 90% of local DJ's are only appointed to the position because they have a shotgun license. And as a result, neither the customer's safety nor the DJ's own safety is preserved.

Two popular middle school parties in one year, one at Ocala Middle School, the other in the same school building, were hijacked within days of each other by a DJ who lacked certain necessary abilities to run a party, a report published last year showed.

In January 2018, WFLA-TV interviewed Sam Karbale, the managing editor of ClickHole, who revealed the horrifying reason behind their rampage.

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"In D.C., DJ chair dealers advertise their auctions with auctions lyrics like 'Guns always win. Geez I hope they're not showing this in your city' — it's just insulting to the reader," he said.

Karbale compared the gauntlet of training police are put through to become a gunsmith, adding "there's no such thing as gunsmith training here," while WFLA reports that a specific gunsmith college in Tarrant County, Texas, is no help.

"Part of the training is they have to paint these guns. I'm not sure which school needs to replace these guns, but it's a pretty awful rifle," Karbale said.

Karbale then took a peek at ClickHole's archives, which he found on Halloween, at a college party in Ocala with 600 people and 90% of the DJ's, like Karbale and me, were "holding guns" as part of the four-hour long class of instruction. ClickHole called this "An Inequitable System."

It's worth noting that removing the shotgun instructor from Ocala is unlikely, since the "leadership team" said they could only do so in the event of a "mass shooting at Ocala Middle School" — a joke by ClickHole.

Ten of the 12 surviving students interviewed for the report, however, said the instructor did not have a shotgun license.

Karbale said that WFLA-TV sent him to the same campus "four times last year with similar questions about our methods of training," to no avail.

"It's like 99.9% of the community wants the shotgun instructor removed. And it's not just because you're basically killing us," Karbale said.

10 artists attempting to break the 40-year-old world record for largest piece of graffiti collectively signed onto the letter to change the rules.

Lawmakers in Tennessee have attempted to ban gunsmiths for several years, and now it's time for that ban to include the shotgun instructor as well.

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