On this Tuesday night, I tried to enjoy the trivia game Trivia Tuesdays. Unfortunately, I was quickly confused to find out that I was wrong, too. Everyone at this table was wrong. Somehow I assumed everyone at this table was having fun, as they all smiled and exchanged a couple of friendly laughs. However, I quickly realized that at least one of them may have been having a tough night. So I quietly watched them for a bit and then moved on to another room. Sadly, all of this playfulness was quickly followed by a sudden, sad realization that these were people I knew very well. They may or may not have been having fun, but they hadn't seen or experienced the worst night of their lives.

I told everyone that I had to go to the bathroom, because I was feeling anxious and was really struggling with remembering everyone's name. I walked out of the room, and came back to an empty room. Many people walked back to the table to find out what was happening. Everyone kind of panicked, but a woman sat down at my table and said the worst thing anyone could ever say at such a difficult time in your life. She then said, "I'm praying for you guys." After this, we quickly broke out into many small conversations. People started to get curious, because why was all of this happening? We just found out that they had just lost their close friend to suicide. The conversation didn't go on long, but everyone kept telling me that they were praying for me. I then started feeling uncomfortable because I was feeling really vulnerable and weird around these strangers. After a few more minutes, we had to leave the room because there was someone in the hallway who wanted to console us. We gave them an extra piece of gum and headed outside for some peace and quiet.