There are more than one hundred million videos on YouTube and next time you want to clear out your inbox, use something like Siri or Alexa to put a witty paragraph on a video. But that's not all. There are also AI programmers who are more than happy to write scripts for us, based on the videos they find or videos we come across.

Most of the videos you come across or watch are geared towards putting a fairly sterile tone on video content, like some way of catching a break from a crazy kid beating a girl and us coming over and making some pancakes. In this video, I have a fellow AI programmer, Brooke, who is the main character, writing an awesome little video for a mother and daughter, singing a heartwarming song about how your mom means the world to you. One thing she left out from the script was that the mother, Leilani, sings the song to her daughter, Maya, while she is driving down the highway, which she set up so it would not be audible at highway speeds. I thought this was so cool that I wanted to share it, but this is not where the fun begins.

Brooke is a mother herself, and she was blown away when she saw her daughter, Maya, singing the song. So this fall, she hired a writer to create a script. The script was about the true meaning of a mother-daughter relationship, with the queen of code putting her creative genius into place. The writer put her best attempts at refashioning Maya's singing into a more musical musical, based on Gaga's "Born This Way."

After almost a year of writing the script, the whole process of getting the script into Maya's throat took almost a month, and we ended up cutting just a song here and there to make the rest of the music more pleasing. We even tried writing a few different ideas for the music, but the reader told us they didn't want to read that. I'm sure there are some smart people around who can skip, skip, skip through several hours of non-referential music without a second thought, but I wanted to remind our audience that Maya's words are saying something serious, even if they can't always remember exactly what it means.

The robot writes seven lines for the first song, and then six lines for the second song. By the end of the process, she had written lyrics and back up vocals for all of the songs, but you can't hear the words unless you click on the lyrics tab on the left side of the video.

The main character, Claire, created new background music for her using Spotify, and you can hear what that sounds like in the video above. The first line from the script, "Tell me, how do you do this?" is sung by more than one user who is singing along. I am so grateful to a random Google employee that came up with this video, because I wanted to prove to myself that AI is far more than video generators, and that I should be really thankful every day that we live in a world where AI software companies exist.

Here's the first song off the script

Here's the second song off the script