Think a website can get better? Look no further than the brains at ClickHole, a separate team of young souls who've been dedicating their time to improving websites for the past year.

ClickHole volunteers launched on Jan. 10, 2018, with the aim of improving sites through community engagement. They've been busy.

If you've seen the logos or write emojis on sites like The Hill, President Trump's personal website, or Donald J. Trump for President, you've likely had ClickHole's logo.

ClickHole's reach extends beyond the new web site. ClickHole Charters promotes local tourism, and ClickHole's online artist gallery aims to showcase the best of digital art.

What makes ClickHole different from most lists? Well, it's not about changing a single element. It's about working on things as they evolve.

“We don’t have guidelines about what elements we can change. Our guide is based around a process,” said founder and ClickHole Charters founder Andrew Duncan. “It’s super collaborative, and the power of the internet is what gets people involved.”

ClickHole was originally created to “teach the world’s leading SEO marketer how to write a good comment” on the website of a website they found interesting. After reading about ClickHole, Duncan visited the site and got hooked.

“Our first article turned into a long essay on why Tumblr is the worst service ever,” Duncan said.

“We generally wouldn’t have a community that big, but the ability to come on and be a player — it gives us great resources for our SEO expert efforts.”

The team’s leadership includes Rob Chilcutt, senior editor; Cory Clark, co-founder and copywriter; Jeff Shaffer, technology reporter; Mark Dickinson, community manager; Jenna Wilson, art director; and Wally Shaw, producer.

“We’re a group of 15 from all backgrounds,” Duncan said. “We’re smart about how we do things; we want to be creative about ways we can be better at what we do.”