This month, let’s pass a few years and look back at my previous steps. That means I’m 27, at my college graduation from the University of Kansas. It was in March of 2008, and I was working for The Lawrence Journal-World as an online guy in print mode. “J-W” was my job title; the writing was called “insider reporting” and, as I recall, it often contained tidbits only the editor knew, which meant even this novice had inside information.

So back to the happy times — to a particular era when I saw a jobless, college-educated, out-of-work journalism grad land a position at the Washington Post. The three months I spent there did convince me that my knowledge of the industry — and plenty of self-assurance — were useful in heading out on my own.

The Journal-World kept the Washington Post Journal assignment for me, but I returned to college — the nearby University of Kansas Student Newspapers — and helped coordinate papers at campuses in Topeka, Salina and Lawrence. In the fall of 2008, I transferred to Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and began on my way to BuzzFeed, where I’ve been editor in chief since 2011.

So…click through this page, and see what you can learn from my journey. I was 25! And this month I’m 27!


Work fun!

The magic begins tonight.

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