We have entered into something we're not sure what the next step will be. One which is not just associated with us but the entire world. Yes, it is serious and it was coming. Like many of the patients who fell ill, L'artista l'ha fatto ancora. This comes more than a few weeks after having a bad flu. The fever and pneumonia never went away. Now, the flu at age 70 it breaks in few days, always the weak patient, but this was not normal.

Until today, our latest patients are here and we do not know how many we'll have tomorrow. They're rising from the dead without anyoses. Our problem is how to manage the suffering of the souls who are here now. They are a lot of people. A lot of contradictions, a lot of jokes, people I haven't seen in half a year, many jokes with two patients who haven't had a single moment of quality of life together.

Thank God, we have the support of our family members, especially our most recent patients. But we are in the worst condition of all. We do not know where to hide. We do not have strong muscles, we can't walk, we have nothing left, we are hopeless. There is no solution, there is no medication we can give. You can lose the side effects of the treatment, you have no feeling, you have no feeling, you have no body. They can't give you any more vitamins and medication, and it is desperate in all aspects.

Viruses, especially African ones, are arriving on the planet too fast to present a plan of attack or adequate preparation. We have to risk something as dangerous as this. The fear is immense, no one wants to tell us we are going into disaster mode. It is strange how, on the other hand, there is great solidarity among us and we all cooperate and help each other.

What is it going to be like for the next 10 days? We have never had a single panic, but the virus has changed what happens in a hospital.

I lost my brother, I lost my mother, I lost two brothers. But this has happened and we are taking actions. It is very strange to see people coming to donate blood in an effort to help other people. They have done that before but not in a crisis. It is very difficult to take, but it was important to help other people. It was important to sign up, to count the bills, not to hesitate, to be available. If we become insensitive, we would only allow the virus to spread like the plague around us. It has been difficult for us to take what has happened and manage it. We have been forced to live differently. I don't know what to do in these hours and days. I see the children and feel they have left me empty. I don't know what happens in the new world we are leaving.

I'm the secretary, and it is difficult. But we are surviving. I have lost my sense of sound, so I can't hear myself think, or my own words. A dialogue has been lost to a conversation with myself. I hope this country will find time to make our technical problems a priority. I am not patient. Everything is about survival.

We are in crisis mode and we had a meeting this morning. It was a tense moment, the discussions are based on guilt, they don't allow for a relaxed moment. We do not know the way forward. Many of us are not here anymore. Others are in shock, who I consider useless people because they put a mask on their face. I've never heard of a mask of my own face, I asked my nurse to remove it and put something on it. This is not like others. One should put on his own mask, otherwise they don't even speak.

I don't know what could happen next, but we will try to do our best. We are ready to do whatever is necessary. Some of us are struggling and we need to learn new skills.