A new social network called A Seething Reality (yes, really) launched last week to complement Product Hunt with content that “depicts and shares positive experiences” with their “Moments” section.

The idea behind A Seething Reality was to help raise product awareness and evangelism in a new context. Product Hunt CEO Ryan Hoover explained to TechCrunch that the new tab’s main aim is “not to build a separate social network, but to capitalize on the momentum of Product Hunt, people following Product Hunt posts, and like and share stuff within Product Hunt.”

With the birth of A Seething Reality and Product Hunt’s successful expansion into e-commerce, its users now have more ways to promote and share products other than just looking at the Top items, Top subcategories, The Top items pinned, or The Top weekly announcements. The company is working to promote the “moments” feature in their social network, as well as product owners’ Page subscriptions to find their products at social events.

An early version of the app received positive feedback by all users. With a major update expected to roll out in the next few weeks, it is likely that the initiative will expand to include new “moments” functionality and they’ll become the next must-have social network for Product Hunt’s 40,000-plus daily active users.