Wordflow AI is in beta. Our models are just getting started.

These articles were made purely through wordflow.dev. We're aiming to supercharge journalists with our AI so they can spend more time fact-checking while also being able to cover more stories.

We're staging our release to users at the moment. Just email us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you ASAP. We're aiming to supercharge sports journalists first since sports articles are time sensitive and on average we can create content within seconds rather than minutes.

What's our goal with Not Real News?


We want to show what we at Wordflow have been working on for a while. Ultimately here's how we want to supercharge journalists: We want to allow journalists only spend their time gathering source information and we want to fill in the rest and make it coherent. This way journalists can cover more substantive and legitimate stories.

What's happening with news now?

When it comes to chasing clicks, journalists say one thing but feel pressure to do another
At many websites, writers are directly encouraged to think about traffic.
As newsrooms do more with less, can reporters keep up?
<p>During the last week of August, Sara Coello wrote eleven stories for the Dallas Morning News. Thirteen if you count the two pieces she co-bylined with other reporters. Sixteen if you count the three she filed the previous Sunday. It was a pretty typical week for Coello, who started as a full-time…
The way newspapers report news…you produce more errors if you try to produce things fast. That’s just a fact.

As journalism is ramping up in speed and digital media at an all time high, clickbait and widespread misinformation are getting more and more prevalent in our society. You, yourself reading this probably knows about this, but a massive number of people from all corners of the world don't. They're either under China's totalitarian control with strong censorship or Singapore's "fake news" laws that give the government right to prosecute anyone for anything they write, regardless if it is real or not. Many just believe what they see since it supports their views. These are small, widespread sites with an agenda. By utilizing Wordflow's AI, we want to empower journalists and these small news by providing them with news... real, fact-checked, and empowering news that doesn't spread lies or misinform the masses. We give them unique, fact-checked articles in return of a cleaner web.

What does "supercharge" mean?

We don't want to completely takeover journalism. Rather we want to help generate a "smart template" so journalists can spend time just editing these templates with fact-checked and reliable information. In an age of fast-media and where more articles are incentivized by publications, we hope to help support that while also giving journalists more time to fact-check and ensure their content is substantive rather than very clickbait-y.