Raj Parkar, CEO of educational Snackable content creators Video Snacks, shares the essential steps to build the most entertaining multimedia content for students while on the job. Before you begin your video creation process, click here. And if you’re looking for more video experts join our community of over 60,000 on YouTube or the Viewcast creator page here:

Education has long been a priority, but many people fear and avoid even the most basic of multimedia software. Many people have forgotten that one way to find out more about the things you care about is to learn more about the subject matter and even search for related videos.

In fact, computers can be extremely valuable tools. Videocasting software like Video Snacks is all about putting videos on the web for anyone to enjoy. This online video platform helps people create engaging, helpful, and entertaining educational multimedia content which will impact their audience in the future. Here’s how you can become a teacher using Video Snacks:

Step 1: Identify Your Audience

Is your message to your family or your coworkers?

Do you want the video to be educational?

Do you want your video to be fun?

With the Video Snacks platform you have complete control over the video content you upload. It supports close to 20 different videos programming languages for all kinds of content you want to share. You can upload and upload over the course of your normal working day, and export video directly to a YouTube URL in a matter of seconds.

Step 2: Build Your Portfolio

Go through your file contents in preparation for your video creation. What is your best video? What video do you want people to enjoy? What editing process are you comfortable with? Do you prefer to create and edit your own content? What formats are you familiar with? What was the last file you were able to create? What are you good at?

Create your portfolio and begin filling it up. Your portfolio is your editorial portfolio and it is where you can tell others what your main areas of expertise are. Once you build a body of work with Video Snacks you can even take your portfolio around the world to make presentations at conferences and job interviews.

Once you have your portfolio you can upload the videos in a multitude of formats. You can upload your work directly to YouTube or Creative Commons formats in which the videos can be accessed by an audience anywhere, anytime.

Step 3: Team Up

Create and submit the videos as your Team presents at your next event. You can work in pairs to develop your idea and be a part of creating an outcome together. Each team member should create a list of elements that will engage the audience. With Team Snacks you have complete control over your finished video content. You don’t have to fiddle with DRM settings if your work gets shared online. You can customize your videos to fit the viewing platform and the time.

After you have your proof, your video can be made available for free viewing at any time. You don’t have to get the approval of others first. You can also push for payment directly from the VSN’s financial account. These videos are instantly accessible and accessible to any person who knows how to use VSN or wants to show off their skills.

Creating a brand new video is quite simple. With Video Snacks it’s all about the process. With Video Snacks, it’s easy to upload video files to a free Web host. The Video Snacks site also lets you design your videos, including the call to action. This is all free, and everything is secured by their secure servers. One of the key features of the team is that video developers are well versed in all the latest media, great design, and content management technologies. All you need to do is upload your content, customize the call to action, make adjustments to the video template, and share it at your local networking event.

One final note: Don’t forget to check out Video Snacks back to top. While many educational companies offer video courses on their websites, Video Snacks offer content created in such a way to support their end customer. Once you watch a video by someone else on your time, you are motivated to create your own project to gain the opportunity to show others your stuff.