Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles (CCS) is a grassroots organization based in Los Angeles that advocates economic and community development in South Central Los Angeles. Founded in 1985, CCS has fought alongside working class residents to overcome the mass incarceration of urban black men and support economic opportunity and education in South Central Los Angeles. As an AFFH district, CCS takes pride in serving the social and economic development of South Central Los Angeles, focusing on the less developed southern portions of South Central where the historical injustices of urban black men continues to impact local communities in Los Angeles. AFFH is a Comprehensive Anti-Poverty Law, which provides funding to social service programs including K-12 schools, mental health care, employment, drug treatment, and alcohol and alcohol intervention. It also offers funding to state, federal, and local governments for poverty reduction projects such as expansion of public transit, affordable housing, and health care. CCS began directly participating in South Central community projects in 2005, after partnering with the Crenshaw Metropolitan Task Force (). As the Homeownership Strategy Director, Shirley Edmond was awarded a national grant by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to monitor the quality of public housing in South Central Los Angeles.

Before joining CCS, Shirley Edmond was the Director of School-Based Employment in Phoenix, AZ. Overseeing the work of more than 200 adult jobseekers, Edmond was nominated by the Phoenix school district for the 2009 Outstanding School-Based Employment Program. Shirley Edmond was appointed Superintendent of the South Central Community Development Corporation in 2015. CCS uses a city wide outreach program and collaborative effort with resident leaders, community members, clergy, and private sector agencies to strengthen South Central Los Angeles community life, promote a sense of belonging, and recognize the impact that the implementation of the AFFH law have on the neighborhood. According to Shirley Edmond, “AFFH is a law that serves all the children in the city and all of our children in South Central Los Angeles. It is imperative that all of our residents embrace and embody the ideals and wishes of this law.”

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