Before Thursday's All-Star Game, Angels superstar Mike Trout was asked about the shocking story of sign stealing in Houston, a National League ballpark where he was hitting fifth for the American League.

"I don't know too much about that," Trout said. "I'd have to get all the info on that first. … But it's pretty weird because baseball's a game of stealing signs."

When a reporter mentioned he should try at the All-Star Game, Trout joked: "Yeah, maybe I'll get caught."

Trout said the Astros cheated and took signs. It's an extremely dangerous game, he said.

"Sign stealing is a fast and important part of baseball," he said. "It takes a lot of players and each team as far as the league."

When the Astros signed, they gave out certain signatures that made it look like the player signed. Problem is, some people signed them, but with stolen signatures that coaches and others can copy and use later.

Manager Brad Ausmus wondered about the integrity of baseball.

"I lost some respect for some guys that I thought were good," he said.

Trout is in the news for another reason. A gay sportswriter on Wednesday said he was asked to stop calling him by his nickname "Bo" instead of "Mike."

Thao Nguyen, sports editor of the Bay Area's gay sports website Outsports, said the negative reaction was unjustified. But it doesn't make for good copy.

"When someone insults you, you tell them you don't have an issue with it and that's it," Nguyen said. "Because I do have an issue. I'm cool with it."

Nguyen wants people to realize the theme of the All-Star Game is support for people in sports.

"As athletes in sports, people should take a chance to stop picking on you and get off on you," he said. "It's not OK to pick on him because he's a gay person. It's not OK. Or if you pick on him because he's a black person. Let's all get off on him."

Fans' last requests

Athletes have requested everything from hot chocolate to six-pack of beer, a private plane, 10 back massages and more at last year's Major League Baseball All-Star Week at Marlins Park in Miami.