They may be wed but the Queen’s dentures still haven’t left Buckingham Palace.

News of her missing crowns and false teeth came from a royal member who has fallen on hard times. "The queen took all the 50 false teeth with her to Windsor," said the insider.

London’s Telegraph news service said that after the Queen left Buckingham Palace for her wedding reception with Prince Harry in May 2018 she couldn’t even provide for her own dental health after taking down all her gold and dentures.

For years the royal ladies had preferred their teeth to be invisible.

The Queen wore a life-saver for years because her gold crowns could only be seen at the tip by incisions on her teeth.

Unlike when many brides take their life-saver to the top of the church after the marriage vows the Queen kept hers on after the ceremony.

When she swapped from her career as a dressmaker, she said all her royal teeth were missing and were thought to have been thrown into a closet, but I guess the word got out so all the brides did have a second opinion.

In 2017 another royal bride, Princess Eugenie, also gave up wearing her removable crown.

While some brides will choose a life-saver just because they are not able to eat a bite of their wedding cake she said she was “too happy” with what she had to give up and she was willing to wait as long as it took until she finally found the right one.

After her marriage to Jack Brooksbank, Meghan Markle took all her dentures and teeth when she and Prince Harry were finally granted access to Buckingham Palace where they were able to resume wearing their own crowns.

During the nuptials Meghan chose not to wear a life-saver. Instead, she had a “pencil crown,” according to sources at the Times of London newspaper.

On November 30 the Queen was said to have revealed to the royal press that the crowns had now been removed from their original chompers and that they had received a “permanent tongue depressor,” a somewhat bizarre instruction to buy one.

It seemed royal family has kept saying to brides, “How could you?”

When your mouth is full of royal teeth anyway.