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A video of a pilot yelling at an AirAsia flight attendant for filling the plane's in-flight meal bins with hamburgers is going viral on social media and has sparked outrage and debate.

When the beef-heavy meal was shared by a user on social media, others expressed similar sentiments.

No-nonsense woman

The video of the incident shows the AirAsia pilot yelling at the female flight attendant. The clip was uploaded to YouTube by the plane's passenger, accompanied by a caption that read, "I have a seat for you babe."

"I'm sorry I'm afraid to order, I'm afraid of eating that."

According to Malaysian news site Sin Chew Daily , the plane had just landed in Kota Kinabalu and a customer arrived with her family to request a seat upgrade. The passenger had complained about the hot meals, the report said.

Hamburglar is a favorite word in the Reddit comment section. Credit: Simeonadeva

The victim of the incident told Malaysia Today that she had been afraid to order the meal, as she had read other complaints on the airline's social media accounts.

She said she had just arrived in the city and had ordered three burgers to take with her and would have ordered more but the attendant had not let her finish. The woman also said she felt bullied.

When she tried to complain to a flight attendant, however, she was told "no problem, you can order."

Later, as the passenger and her husband were watching the airline's own Instagram account, she started to hear the sounds of the plane's cockpit coming from inside the passenger cabin.

The Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 went missing in 2014. Credit: Liu Jin/Getty Images AsiaPac/Getty Images

She went onto say the pilot then started to yell profanities at her after the plane had landed.

The victim said she had complained about the incident to the airline on Tuesday, but there had been no response by the time she went to the media on Thursday.

AirAsia apologized to the customers for the incident, and said that it was looking into the matter further.