Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, news writers work to seek the facts behind a story. But for news websites, that is not always possible, because the problem lies in inaccurate information. A new startup, Wordflow AI, which is slated to launch on the web early next month, is trying to tackle that problem with artificial intelligence that can generate news articles quickly.

Wordflow says it is “aware of the fact that journalists, as readers, often need to rely on third-party information sources in order to make sense of what we are reading.” Those sources, it adds, often just cause problems for those trying to be fact-checked — for example, when they simply change their story mid-way through, or resort to hyperbole that is “deceptive and suspicious.”

Through a series of software algorithms, which are compiled by Google DeepMind algorithms, Wordflow’s team of writers create news stories from the start, noting what they hear from sources, and checking facts, to give each article a background.

Those stories can be printed as news items in newspapers or as articles with headlines provided by advertisers, the company said in a statement. Their content will be available via website portals and through its SmartApps on Google’s Newsstand, which allows news sites to create “built-in smart content applications” on Google’s mobile version of its news reader.

Learn more about Wordflow’s project here.

Read the full story at BGR.


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