The latest Box Challenge that Esquire Magazine recently posed was to help us dream up more fun ways to play Crossword, and more recently, Esquire’s The Crossword, with a genius idea: Come up with alternative crosswords and we’ll see which would work best for us. So, every other Saturday until March 31, a short web version of a Blade Runner theme (adapted from the legendary 1969 anthology film) is running in the XX index. Click here for this week’s fashion-related crossword. Enjoy!

Other things you should know

Versace opened on Collins Street and garnered a terrible review from New York Times columnist Nick Paumgarten, who liked the store but not the building in which it’s housed.

“Woodward and Bernstein met on the subway, and NPR is named after the venerable Washington Post columnists, who were roughly the same age.”

The Austrian scientists were unable to post to social media because Russia blocked access. (Via Whaam online, which displays pages censored in various ways by Google and other big tech companies.

Middle school students have been doing graffiti with a lot of homonyms: “happy” is misspelled “happy happy,” “make love” is misspelled “make love,” and so on.

While Google and other tech companies have censored this infographic about how online identity comes from your mind — in part by block their API for creating imagery — outlets like Mic and BuzzFeed have been showing their support:

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