The unusual coronavirus that claimed six lives has turned up in two infected people in Quebec who arrived in the country before the outbreak emerged. Now, it has drawn the attention of authorities at, whose warehouse employees are facing possible punishment for helping to spread the bug.

Amazon, whose warehouses are a means of traveling more quickly between buyers and sellers in its global network, is pursuing a strategy of technical responses to the challenging infection pattern, said the company, whose employees have spread the virus at its U.S. facilities.

Covid-19, also known as coronavirus-1, is particularly virulent, causing respiratory symptoms in people, as opposed to a coronavirus, which usually causes mild symptoms in people not showing symptoms. There is no known cure or vaccine for the disease.

The emergency documents, reported by Canadian newspaper Le Devoir, list Amazon employees for disciplinary measures from 60 days to termination. They also say Amazon will add respirators, air filters, hand-sanitizers and hazmat suits to its precautions for its warehouse employees.

Covid-19, which is closely related to the SARS virus, has been traced to an outbreak of pneumonia in Switzerland. It has appeared in at least four other countries: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Britain and Qatar. It appears to be responsible for the death of at least 11 people in Kuwait, according to several news reports.