Can you remember a time when everyone wanted to go viral? It was so incredibly hot back in 2008 that the inventor of the smartphone, Palm, used its One Step Blogger application to debut a live video blogging app called WebOS.

Inevitably, it wasn’t long before Twitter became the font of popularity, where links to other people’s “tweets” became little topics of the day, their fame immensity one of the bright teal marks of the age.

And, of course, the courts of our hearts (and phone screens) now find themselves grappling with the so-called “wave effect,” in which people not only want to trend but to obtain an elevation in status based on the “next stop: front page” vision.

On Friday afternoon, a video took fire on Facebook, titled: “This Is the Real Reason I Am the Opposite of Popular.” A Buddhist male teacher in the Indian state of Kerala goes on a rant, concluding by saying that people always see his style as “nerdy” and that he is often “distant,” while his team members seemingly put more emphasis on “fun.”

The video, available on several YouTube channels, continues with a longer video in which he says that he knows he has “yet to emerge from the ranks of demi-celebrities” but says that he is doing it anyway. The comments include a bevy of photos of the teacher and his followers, social media fan art, and even a screenshot of a message sent by Indian prime minister Narendra Modi for his followers on Friday to prove the authenticity of the video.

And as for the video’s popularity, it seems to be both coming and going at all rates. At press time, the link was No. 5 on Reddit and 10th on YouTube, with more than 200,000 views and re-posts. And some — including BuzzFeed’s Danika Keene and Mashable’s Anna Clark — have argued that the video should have only recently come out of obscurity. “While I have absolutely no idea what this is about or who this Buddhist guy is, and may even be pretty clueless about being a Buddhist,” Clark wrote, “I will offer my sympathies to whoever made this video.” And click the link to look at those thousands of hits, muddled by ad platforms and not really given over to allowing the wisdom of this man to arise.