When Andrew Yang stepped down from his position as the presidential campaign co-chair of the Reform Party last week, it wasn’t long before people started speculating about the timing of his exit. Mr. Yang seemed to go out on his own terms, including leaking a letter to the New York Times, in which he blamed the organization’s inaction for the abrupt end of his ten-month tenure as its presidential candidate.

“It was very nice, but I’m getting beyond that,” Mr. Yang told The Advocate while promoting his new documentary, More Beautiful Than Words. “I’m definitely going to continue the mission with more urgency.”

In an interview with us, Mr. Yang also took a stab at his former colleagues at the Reform Party, whom he accused of trying to undermine his presidency. “I feel like I was cheated,” he said. “I felt very unjustly treated for what I believe my job was.”

As for his political future, Mr. Yang said he plans to continue advocating for social justice through his philanthropic organization One World at One. “The fund has been incredibly helpful to our communities here in New York and around the country,” he said.