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(CNN) - If you took an hour, you could poke through Jessica Frank's left forearm. It's a powerful collection of his tools, protractors, saws, brushes, a flashlight, a knitting hook, hundreds of small stones, twigs, fly swatters, bird feeders, insect traps and hundreds of other objects, some of which he has picked up by trial and error over the years, as you will see.

All the items are used in his foundry, a workshop where he grinds, polishes, cuts, and moulds wood for his various projects. There, he discovers new uses for metal.

It's where he painstakingly fine-tunes what he calls "life's tools." While he keeps most of them covered with moss, there are a few prized possessions that he displays proudly.

One is a metal stand that contains two objects he used to build a metal toilet. It was kept inside the cistern when he was hunting bats. And he proudly displays a shiny steel knuckle rattle, which he created from an old iron.

The tools are more than just useful, they are also fun. They have a way of reflecting his ideas, both as an artist and as a hermit. He even scatters sticks of gum along the walls of his foundry and displays it as an idea balloon. He fondly recalls two years ago, while we were together, when he created an incredible wooden sculpture out of leaves that was displayed at the LA Garden Festival. In just a few hours, he had used half a day's work.

Jessica's everyday life is odd -- her friends don't really believe she lives alone in the wilderness with 10 dogs. If he did, they probably wouldn't want to hang out with him. He's not really keen on the social side of things. She prefers a more quiet and solitary existence.

These days, Jessica has started taking part in more community events, including lectures and meet-ups with other hermits who live in his part of California. You'll probably know him better as the man wearing a shirt with a drawn-on tail.

He is always delighted to see all his findings in the spotlight.

"I'm sharing my work, sharing my hands."

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