They tell the story of Ex-National Security Agency contractor-turned-whistleblower Ed Snowden, but it’s not the story that the skeptics and trolls have been concocting for weeks.

On Dec. 21, online outlets noted that it appeared in a link to the story published on GlobalPost, an English-language website and news site run by TransAmerica magazine. Facebook quickly deleted the posts, according to multiple reports.

But that wasn’t the only apparent link — or in one case, multiple links — to the story, including at least a half-dozen Facebook posts and the page of Media Firestorm, which publishes conservative commentary.

Perhaps equally disturbing, conservatives apparently had plenty of other ways to disseminate the discredited story.

Both The Raw Story and Media Firestorm have extensive RSS feeds, the main way that many websites propagate posts on their sites. Some bloggers share links to far-right news sites including MediaFirestorm, The Heritage Foundation, The Washington Times, The Age, WorldNetDaily, ACT For America, the Charleston Gazette-Mail, The Examiner, The Federalist, Free Beacon, The Week, even Michelle Malkin’s right-wing opinion website, RedState.

There’s another way, too. The Ex-NSA contractor provided media outlets with access to classified documents during his life at the agency, including some that appeared on the British magazine The Guardian’s website, which was published this week.