Brad McMillan, Anthem's senior producer, provided a few more details Wednesday on the EA game's take on multiplayer.

"Anthem is a science fiction sandbox shooter where each of your alien allies are not necessarily the most powerful fighters and have certain weaknesses," McMillan said. "Our goal is to constantly evolve the experience so that you never know what you'll see. Players will be able to combine a variety of different fighting styles to make their own unique creatures."

Brian Reynolds, Anthem's lead gameplay designer, chimed in and later clarified.

"This isn't one particular area where we're going to see huge diversification. It's much more about having something that players will be able to kind of fight their way through, either the small areas of town or the big things they've got to figure out," Reynolds said.

"It's more about the strategy and tools you need. It's a deep game," he said.

EA is set to reveal the remainder of Anthem's story at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, but earlier this week, developer BioWare -- whose last major franchise, Mass Effect, ended in 2012 -- said the game features a "significant amount of new story content" and a deeper solo experience than the studio has given players since 2007's Dragon Age.

EA has also been teasing the arrival of new multiplayer shooter Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment, which is expected to come first to Xbox One, but not until October 13. Respawn is the studio behind the popular Battlefront video game series from publisher Electronic Arts.

This is all too reminiscent of the earlier days of the Battlefront series, whose tie-in game, Star Wars: Battlefront II, seemed to shift its focus away from core Star Wars canon. In spite of that hype, a year and a half after its release, Battlefront II had only around 20 million players, which is close to half its original title's playable population of 37 million.

First published Feb. 8, 1:19 p.m. PT.

Update, 2:24 p.m.: Includes comments from BioWare.

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