Apple recently joined the global fintech forum FIDO as a signatory member to support password-free authentication. This includes the new wireless authentication system called Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) that lets you use iPhones and Macs to log in to websites without a password.

For over 15 years, you’ve only needed a username and password to login to websites. However, the number of data breaches that have happened in the last year has made us all consider a change in our habits when it comes to online accounts. Apple’s support of FIDO – a group formed to provide easy-to-use wireless authentication – will let you quickly and securely log in on sites like Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter – all using your Mac or iOS device.

FIDO also supports networks like Bluetooth LE and the new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocols. This will help connect your gadgets to whatever devices you want to on the network you are on. That means you’ll have much easier access to file storage services like Dropbox, and purchase and manage your connected gadgets.

So what does this mean for you? Better security for your data and frequent logins. Websites will now have to make it pretty easy for you to authenticate your account with your Mac and iPhone. You’ll get more access to data with this method.

Apple has already introduced WiFi Direct – a new WiFi protocol used for secure two-way communication between devices – in Macs and the upcoming operating system Mojave. FIDO allows to make documents or data stored on your iPhone or Mac ‘tokenized’, so that it will open up on the websites you’re logging into without being limited by a given username and password.

Apple now officially supports the technology to continue pushing the tech. We’ll see if security solutions get even more convenient, and if a smooth future is around the corner for us all.

Bipesh Shah, CEO of WhitePages, a security services company, said “The convenience and ultimate security offered by the iPhone and Mac means that security should never be a ‘nice to have’. It’s a must have. This change means that even more organizations and consumers alike will be able to turn to Apple devices to secure their devices, their data and their own online lives.”

FIDO Alliance released a list of SRI International companies, which include Apple, Walmart, Intel, Microsoft, HP, and IBM, among others. It’s encouraging to see major corporations like Apple supporting its unique approach to online security.

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