In order to help people learn how to code, Apple today announced its new Mac app Developer Academy, which launched in beta form today. With it, you can spend a few minutes learning how to build iOS apps in several programming languages like C, C++, Objective-C, and Swift.

The app will teach you how to get started with coding in various tools; it’ll also give you regular hints and feedback to make sure you’re progressing on the right track.

Apple has partnered with A-list developers to make sure that the lessons in the app are mind-blowing. You’ll hear insights from Kevin Rose, the co-founder of Digg, and Lars Rasmussen, the founder of Google Maps. Other big names like Qhub, Distelli, Localytics, Kaggle, and Appesphere will also provide you with training.

Whether you want to create an app for iOS, MacOS, or even the web, Developer Academy has all of the tools you need. It’s not cheap, though. You’ll have to shell out $199 for the 12-hour studio course, and $79 for the five-hour course (others get different prices for different levels).

Apple has made the free version of the app available in the App Store. It’ll also be made available through other channels in the future.

With Apple’s increased focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning, I’m sure that the company will add more insights and other educational tools to the app. I wouldn’t be surprised if, for instance, the company adds a conversation engine where you can ask your handcrafted app commands. Perhaps it can add some of the amazing AI software that it develops at the Apple Research labs to help budding coders out.

You can bet that we’ll be seeing more of such new educational tools from Apple in the coming months.